CBD and the difference between psychotropic and psychoactive

CBD and the difference between psychotropic and psychoactive

According to studies, more than 6 million United Kingdom citizens have used cannabidiol (CBD) before. It's a popular substance right now, making it among the most worthwhile items you can research for your own well-being and lifestyle.

What exactly is it? Why do people use it? Will CBD get me high? To learn about these points, whether it's psychotropic or psychoactive and so much more, consider the tips below. Completely new to CBD? Then try our introductory CBD guide!

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What exactly is CBD?

If you're new to CBD, you most likely have far more questions than answers. For starters—what exactly is CBD? Put simply, it’s a natural substance extracted from the hemp plant. Even better, it’s legal in the UK, and has been declared as safe by the World Health Organization!

CBD is a cannabinoid, a type of compound first discovered in hemp, but also found frequently in the naturally occurring world and in the human body. CBD differs from the most famous cannabinoid known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), because it doesn’t get you high. THC is the chemical that causes the negative effects associated with cannabis.

When you purchase CBD products from BeYou, you can rest assured that they always contain 0% THC. We prove that through our extensive batch testing which you can see for yourself. Natural has to mean safe too! 

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The difference between psychotropic and psychoactive

When it comes to CBD, you should also get to know the difference between psychotropic and psychoactive. Understanding the distinction between the two will help explain to you why CBD is seen as safe across the world!

Psychotropic refers to a substance that affects your mental state and ability to cognitively function. Psychoactive refers to a substance that passes your blood-brain barrier. So while both have an effect on your brain and its function, not all psychoactive substances are psychotropic. 

This is important because CBD is psychoactive, since it crosses your blood-brain barrier. For any substance to have an effect, it has to be absorbed into the bloodstream, and CBD does just that. However, it doesn't get you high like THC does, so CBD is not psychotropic. 

The fact that CBD isn't psychotropic is why it is also more widely accepted and legal throughout various places than THC. 

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Get to know your endocannabinoid system

If you are really going to understand CBD and the distinction between psychotropic and psychoactive, you have to get to know the endocannabinoid system. Odds are you’ve never ever even heard of it, but it's important to understand this system because we all have one.

This system keeps checks and balances on all of your body's organs and systems. It regulates factors like temperature, pH and blood pressure. By taking CBD, the cannabinoids in the plant integrate with the receptors in your body's endocannabinoid system. 

This is why it’s significant that CBD is psychoactive, but not psychotropic. CBD interacts with your body through the endocannabinoid system, but it doesn’t induce any negative psychological effects, and that’s why CBD is legal and safe!

What about the forms of CBD?

You’ll probably have seen CBD being sold in loads of different formats—if you buy CBD from BeYou you’ll have seen our CBD drops, CBD sprays and CBD muscle balm, for example! Still, so long as these CBD products contain 0% THC (all of our CBD does) then you won’t get any psychoactive effects.

The only CBD products to watch out for are those labelled Whole Plant or Full Spectrum. These will still only contain trace amounts of THC, but that still means they are technically psychoactive. If you want to be sure that your CBD contains 0% CBD, then buy CBD isolates and Broad Spectrum CBD if you want to be sure!

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If you're interested in learning about CBD, the tips above are a great start. You not only understand the substance itself, but also about the difference between psychoactive and psychotropic, meaning you're in a great position to buy CBD!

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