How to take CBD on holiday

How to take CBD on holiday

So you’ve started your CBD journey (congratulations!) and you have some basic knowledge on how CBD works! But one question that the BeYou team frequently receives is whether or not you can take CBD while travelling.

How legal is CBD when traveling?

Making CBD a part of your daily routine is a great add-on for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are unsure about your correct CBD daily dosage, check out this guide. Travelling or flying can mess up your CBD self care routine. As ever, regulations around CBD change and move quickly so taking CBD abroad doesn't have a straightforward yes or no answer.

Taking liquids on flights

Firstly, we need to look at the container and the amount of CBD you wish to take away with you. If you’re going to have carry-on luggage then you will need to make sure it is below 100ml like the rest of your toiletries. The reason why there may be some confusion with CBD is that when medicine is prescribed by a doctor is not limited to the 100ml regulations.

If you have been prescribed medicinal CBD from your GP then you can technically ignore the 100ml limit but because of the controversy surrounding medicinal CBD in the UK, that may not be the case.


One factor to consider when taking CBD abroad is the percentage of THC content. Pure CBD promises 0% THC. Unfortunately, not all brands of CBD are equal, meaning many promises of low THC percentages are not accurate. The BeYou CBD range goes under double testing and also has every CBD batch report is published online right here, to give you peace of mind.

Full Spectrum CBD and whole plant products can have small traces of THC which may alert airport staff if they haven’t been given enough training on CBD and medical cannabis. Also, each country differs in the amount of THC they allow in a product.

In the UK the maximum levels of THC allowed in hemp extract are 0.2% while in the US it is 0.3%. That’s why we advise researching the laws surrounding THC in your holiday destination before flying.

What the UK says about flying with CBD

Despite the fact that BeYou CBD is now sold in national supermarkets and pharmacies in the UK, the laws around flying with CBD are a little confusing to say the least. CBD is often sold as a nutritional supplement rather than medicine because of the current laws in place. The CBD you use will have been extracted from hemp that contains less than 0.2% THC. Also, it is not covered by the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, meaning it is legal in the UK.

Therefore, CBD should be permitted on domestic and international flights from the UK. We recommend contacting the airline who you’re flying with just to double-check what their stance is on taking CBD on to a flight.

Taking CBD on international flights from the UK

As we have already mentioned, doing your research is key. Speaking with the airline ahead of time and becoming familiar with the laws surrounding CBD will ensure your holiday can go off without a hitch. It's also important to note that  staff might not be aware of the latest laws surrounding CBD so it can be  worth checking yourself too - a great place to start the the official customs website for your destination.

What if I have a changeover flight?

Even though you may only be spending half an hour in one country before hopping on your next flight, CBD still falls under their jurisdiction. So we will say it again, do your research! Countries within Asia and Africa generally have stricter laws on CBD but there are some exceptions.

Top tips for flying with CBD

Broadly speaking, European countries are tolerant of hemp-derived CBD products due to the mass decriminalisation of industrial hemp. However, some countries like Sweden tend to crack down on CBD a little more. The best advice we can give you about taking CBD on a flight is to be upfront. If you approach the airport staff with your CBD in hand and the batch test report then this will reduce any unwanted stress before stepping on to the plane.