CBD Myths Debunked

CBD Myths Debunked

CBD seems to be EVERYWHERE these days. Whether its drops, sprays or even face wipes everyone wants to know what CBD is and the best ways to use.

According to a recent study, there are now 1.3 million active CBD users in the UK, with around 6 million consumers having used it historically. That’s why BeYou are here to make sure new users have all the correct information at their fingertips to start their CBD journey.

Where there is a hype around a new product, there are definitely myths that lurk in all corners of the internet. We never publish anything we don’t believe we can verify with our own research or through wider scientific backing. If it’s from BeYou you can trust it. That’s why you can trust the transparency and quality of our CBD.

What is the Pechoti Method?

the pocheti method - CBD myths

If you’ve delved into the world of CBD you might have heard of the so-called ‘Pechoti Method’. This old wives' tale says that CBD is best taken through your belly button as the user absorbs a series of benefits that they wouldn’t receive by taking it orally or topically. We’re here to let you know that is simply not true.

The Pechoti Method is named after a supposed Pechoti gland which sits behind the belly button. This gland is supposed to be connected to the umbilical cord during pregnancy and the nutrients are passed through the cord and distributed via this gland.

When the umbilical cord is severed after birth, the Pechoti gland is left intact but its ingestion properties aren’t used. According to some (unscientific) sources, there are apparently 70 million nerves that live in the Pechoti gland before travelling around the rest of the body.

Is the Pechoti Method real?

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It isn’t surprising to hear that there isn’t much evidence to support this urban myth, despite the ‘anecdotal’ reports you can find online. Shock horror, not everything you read on the internet is true! The anecdotal evidence often comes from cannabis-related sources with no medical sources making reference to this method.

The BeYou lab has fully investigated this claim and has found very limited resources about absorbing CBD through the navel and those that exist are far from conclusive. At BeYou we only strive to provide you with verified and reliable information. We believe the Pechoti method is not a scientific method for taking CBD and therefore it is most definitely a myth.


The idea of a smart network of nerves in the body is far more complex that the Pechoti Method suggests. In actual fact, CBD needs to reach your circulatory system, the internal network that maps out your entire body.

Bioavailability might sound too technical, but trust us it’s a lot simpler than it seems. This means the amount of a compound that is absorbed by the body which can be put to use. Generally, this is affected by a person’s age, weight and metabolism as well as the method in which a person takes CBD.

Taking CBD under the tongue, or sublingually, isa generally fast way for the CBD to circulate around the body in high amounts. On the other hand, applying CBD to the skin decreases the amount of CBD which will be distributed throughout the body.

We recommend using our CBD Oral Spray to make sure your body makes the most of the CBD. The BeYou CBD spray comes in three delicious flavours, making taking CBD under the tongue a lot easier.

Want to know more?

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If you cant wait to get started, then check out our CBD range here. If you still have some questions about CBD then feel free to contact the BeYou team via our online chat or drop us a DM on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.